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Tuesday, November 02, 2010



its one of those days that starts of with lots of plans and ideas and excitement and jubilance that quickly goes downhill as my lazy nature takes over the juvenation that rejuvenating sleep gives.

so you go online and find a best friend who is up to here (points at top of head) with crap in her life and yet still finds time for you and buy you lunch.

they say that there are only 3 problems in life. Health. Money. and Relationships. My health is fine, somewhat. Money has always been touch and go. I suppose it must be that one la

had a nap that went on for too long. and yet i wanted to just lie there forever. had a a quick game of tag with the dogs (bastards can outrun me!) had a nice warm shower and assisted father to a safe place to rest out his drinkies.

my life looks so rich on the outside but why do i feel so lonely?

i inhaled a few oreos. had a few smokes.

the normal sel would've labelled this a pretty awesome day. the current sel wants mummy to just come home, give her a hug and tell her everything will be O.K


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